I’m Gay AND I’m Also A Spiritual Teacher. So What?

I’m Gay AND I’m Also A Spiritual Teacher. So What?

I’m Gay AND I’m Also A Spiritual Teacher. So What? 1920 1080 Christina Lopes

Being gay and a spiritual teacher are not mutually exclusive things. Unless you’re a religious fundamentalist.

Something interesting happened when I released a video a while back on the process of disconnection and how we all go through this spiritual phenomenon multiple times in our lives.

Of the hundreds of comments on the video, some were quite brutal.

I had specifically used the term “ex-wife” in the video (instead of “ex-husband”) and that bothered some people.

It was interesting to see that for some of my regular viewers, I went from being a great spiritual teacher to an “abomination”…in a fraction of a second.

spiritual teacher

And while I’m quite prepared for the heat that I sometimes get, this was still a bit jarring.

When I get attacked because of my sexuality, 99.9% of those attacks come from religious fundamentalists. And these attacks only reinforce the passion I have for my work.

I’m on this planet to help others realize that God or Source is within them. I want to help people realize that the experience of God isn’t found in the reciting of Biblical verses or literal interpretations of old texts.

I want to help others self-realize. Once you self-realize, you finally experience God within yourself, in an authentic way.

When you begin to experience the true nature of God, then suddenly, hate disappears.

And here’s to hoping that will happen in my lifetime.


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  • Brave of you to speak out – although it shouldn’t be that we have to be brave about these things. I’m in a Twin Flame union with another woman and we have had a lot of what we call “silent disapproval” and derogatory remarks and we get tired of having to explain it (or rather educate) people who are so stuck in their beliefs, programming and conditioning – even those who profess to be be liberal. Frankly one’s private life should be that – private. When I left my marriage (with a man) for a woman it caused ripples of shock& disbelief – and those who claimed to be so open minded were some of the most startled by it. A case of “not in my own back yard” I guess. Some folk can’t see beyond the exterior package and don’t want to see the love that surpasses any body vehicle in whatever shape or form it takes. My brother who was a born again evangelist didn’t speak to me for 2 years. He’s ok with it now. The only people who have properly celebrated our love are those who are happy and comfortable in their own skin. Hopefully one day people won’t even care who you sleep with. It’s an absurdity that people still do. Sending love x

    • I love the nugget: “The only people who have properly celebrated our love are those who are happy and comfortable in their own skin.” So true. People who are most comfortable with who they are in their own lives can also celebrate the happiness of others. May you be joyful and happy in your Union always!

      • Marie Elena Ansbro January 7, 2022 at 4:09 pm

        I stumbled upon you only a couple days ago and your are the spiritual healer I Have been waiting for! I surrendered and asked my guides to show me the way and found you. I have watched several videos and I resonated with each and everyone. Your energy and light spark is so powerful and speaks to my soul directly. I will go as far to say that I know in my heart that you are one of my star family members. I also watched your 2022 video in the perfect timing because I was able to be one of the last people to sign up for your New York City event. I can’t tell you how excited I am to work with you live and receive even more wisdom from your beautiful soul. Two of your videos have directly help me connect directly to source and also find out more about my life path. I cannot tell you the immense joy this has brought into my life. I have been in touch with my spiritual gifts since I was a child and along the way allowed the conditioning to create fear within which took me off my path for quite some time. I had stepped into my spiritual awakening which started in the spring time and after not speaking with my TF for many years he came back and triggered my awakening (I have also listened to you speak on this topic and you are indeed an incredible and inspiring force for me because I relate to your “innerstanding” the most.
        You speak to my soul. I resonate with your aura so much and am so grateful for the beautiful gift you are for not only myself but for humanity as a whole. I love you beautiful soul!! I Thank you with my whole heart for helping me realize my heart power again 🤍

    • Hi! Just popping to say that I totally agree that private life is called private for exactly that – being private. And frankly is not my business. If being gay makes you happy – I am happy for you. If being straight makes you happy – I am happy for you. If changing your mind on the subject once in a while makes you happy – I am happy for you. Of course – no harm to others is given, we all understand that.
      Now, if Christina will say: ” I will teach you how to be the best straight you can possibly be” – that probably would be a tiny bit unethical :)). Just kidding. Love your work Christina. You have a very unique way of explaining matters , and your laughter just brightens everything up.
      Much love and appreciation to you both.

  • Dearest Christine~

    I was so very touched by your recent video where you shared about your former wife and your soul’s need to move on! This timely video came into my cue a couple weeks ago and I found it very validating and uplifting! My wife and I have been together for 10 years now and I would not have ‘attracted’ her if I had not had the courage to leave my former wife in 2004!

    As a lesbian and a nurse, I appreciate today’s timely video addressing the issue of ‘hate and judgement’ head on! As we move into this Ascension process it’s so important to ‘educate’ and speak from a place of ‘love, clarity and strength!’ Thank you for role modeling this today in your wonderful video! Christine, you are a very bright Spirit and thank you for consciously allowing your Light to shine for ALL to see!

    In Unity & Gratitude~

    Maureen Duggan RN.

  • Well one thing is clear, the minds that attack one’s freedom and individuality are way too puny to see beyond the societal norms/customs and are thoroughly infected with the their own insecurities… In first go it would be the best alternative to let them be without affecting your thoughts and ‘being’. But if the situation calls for an action, then let your inner light shine bright and do whatever it takes for a justified reclaim. There is absolutely no need to consider the bars of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ then. One’s kindness must not be for-grantedly taken as their weakness and there it becomes equally important to set boundaries in the material realm if not in spiritual sphere.

  • Krystine Fioravanti February 1, 2019 at 12:37 pm

    What does one thing have to do with another. I found your channel and love it, I have learned so much. I think you rock Christina! Keep going!! And I was raised in the church but never bought into all that, we know down deep what is right and wrong. My God created all and loves all. Love you Christina, don’t stop.


  • I was born and raised catholic and to this day find aspects of the religion very comforting and pleasing — the music sends me into this lovely place I’ve been hard-pressed to find elsewhere. Panis Angelicus can make me weep, anytime and at the drop of a mitre ☺.

    I noticed over the years my reluctance to own my history as I wince at this christian-centric stuff, using ancient texts to hit people over the head with judgement. Wow, since the only bible stuff I ever learned came from Jesus Christ Superstar, I felt sure I wasn’t missing anything remotely godly. Let’s not even bother with the abuse of kids and treatment of women by the church … Yes, good loving people have some serious shit to process.

    Enter obvious love and devotion to spirit and rather than feel gratitude and loving kindness, some faceless online folks tear you down. Rest assured, Christina, your message rings out loud and clear through this #%=$. Those who throw the %#$! are most likely unable to feel anything at all (I know this kinda numb myself) and my heart goes out to them they own their own crap.

    As a single person, I feel unwelcomed in social environment. I look at anyone with a partner, spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend as the most fortunate beings, period.


    • Good perspective Mary. Yes, there are aspects of every religion that are great. The problems come when we don’t understand the historical/political backdrop of when religous books were written and then interpret those books to cast judgment on others. It’s so anti-Jesus in my opinion. 🙂

  • hay i am gay as well ( man) i even love younger man who loves me ( very hard for them and me as we are the last taboo) i lost a great friend because of this, i think( he is twin soul flame ) he had to choose for them and not the love …..sad this world is.
    In the way we disconnected hurt me and him still, i just know, i want him back and his soul wants me back to him, but and but we got hurt in the process …… i will choose always not to hurt him, even it means i have to stay away …….but and here we GO….
    God( the universe) told me he will be back …………i am a new born christian in the mane of LOVE what is and will be always his name ( jezus ) people wrote the bible …..but he was the son of GOD and he proclamied only LOVE ….
    So those onces who attack you because you LOVE someone are wrong doers to them selve as they don,t believe in their own GOD .
    the just asume and condem……. but they who is not wrong trow the first stone…..thats all ……

    Love ya and your openess ( btw i live in Portugal also not a free heaven for gays ) , just love and forgett and disconnect to those .

    I love my friend whatever will be out there …….even with out him , thats unconditional love they don,t understand even( they who priest and not follow) …let it go xxx. love from Rene ….to protect my friend i have to give my other email adress .

  • Love you Christina and i really don’t understand what spirituality has to do with your sexual preference……keep up the goog work there are lot of people like me who need your guidance and support

  • Thank you for being “You”, Christina 🙂

    I would be thrown into the category of “religious fundamentalist” (raising Catholic, been in Methodist, Baptist and non-denominational churches throughout my life).

    However… know that I consider myself spiritually aware that God is not human… God is energy that permeates in and through all things throughout the universe.

    AND any true biblically religious person would realize that Jesus (God in flesh) told his disciples… “I give you 2 commandments… Love God. Love Others.” With that I would say that “LOVE” is essential. And that God did not put a disclaimer on that. He simply said “Love Others” (meaning ALL others).

    You are right, most religious people see a difference between what you teach and what the Bible teaches. I believe that it is one and the same. It’s a shame that 70%+ of the planet pray to the same God (Jews, Muslims and Christians pray to God of Abraham) yet we still fight and look for differences rather than our common opportunities to “Love Others”.

    What a wonderful planet and life we could have if we could learn and apply that simple concept.

    Keep being “You” and keep teaching… together… one person at a time… one conversation at a time… we will move the planet forward to a more enlightened version of what we could be.

    Thank You, Christina

    Take care


    • Christina Lopes March 5, 2019 at 1:08 pm

      I love this comment so much Scott! THANK YOU for taking the time to write this. It brought tears to my eyes. Much love your way my friend! <3

  • long term personal loans May 7, 2019 at 11:54 pm

    This is better information than I’ve found anywhere else.

  • dear christina
    Iam so glad i found your video s . They are helping me so mutch
    I am sorry that my english is not so good, otherwise i think i could write a whole book to explain my happinez that i met you
    Indeed, GOD is love and you are love(and so am I)
    thank you

  • Hopefully Lisbon is a ‘normal environment’ where people don’t judge.

    My new home, Barcelona, seems to be a city where ‘what people identify as’, or what they do for work, how much rent they pay is simply something we are not interested in talking about as a ‘put people in a box’ so we can understand them without fear.

    I don’t remember who wrote that “it’s not that you ‘should not judge” it is really that you ‘CAN NOT’ judge”. I always liked that sentiment as ringing true. Bing….

  • I’m grateful for all of the amazing work that you do to help ALL through LOVE. Nothing else matters. 🙏❤️

  • Sometimes it’s fun being so bad at navigating the technology. I just keep finding little gems of your videos that I never saw before. This was an excellent one! I knew you were gay from the disconnection video (and still functional gaydar).The hate is hard at times. It is a thing I hope we grow out of soon (the hate, not the gay). The way you dealt with the issue was beautiful. My ex and I used to get “faggots” yelled at us often. I would yell back ” We’re DYKES! Get it right!” But harder when you are 17 and get drummed out of your church for being an abomination. (Lost the crush, church and tried to kill myself, but got through it). It is Excellent that you are a spiritual healer and gay. Who else are the little gay light workers going to look up to? 🧙‍♀️🦔🌈

  • Gay…..! Who cares…..! The fundamentalists …….a declining bunch….. Anyhow, I only encountered you last night for the first time and came upon one of your videos which expressed ideas that I have held for many years many of which I came up with logically on my own…? ( or maybe not…? ) It was good to get that confirmation of some of my long held views and you expressed them so well. I started my spiritual journey somewhere around age 12 or 13 and I’m still learning. I’ve had an unusual life and sometimes an adrenalin filled journey filled with coincidences and I’m still trying to figure it all out…? I do plan to become more familiar with your work. Hopefully some answers will become evident…….

  • When I found out you were a Lesbian, I liked you even more! When you said ex-wife, all I thought was I wish there were more lesbians like you!!! 😂 it gave me hope there is deep, spiritual, grounded, healed, open, authentic lesbians in the world!! Go you Christina! Be you! Love your work! You find your Tribe only when you are being true to your vibe! Xx

    • Amanda – Team Christina July 29, 2022 at 3:38 am

      Thanks for the support and kind words Sarah! We love having you in our community! ❤❤❤

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