How To Manifest Your Dreams [Powerful 4-Step Formula!]

How To Manifest Your Dreams [Powerful 4-Step Formula!]

How To Manifest Your Dreams [Powerful 4-Step Formula!] 1920 1080 Christina Lopes

Learn how to manifest your dreams by following a simple but proven 4-step formula that’ll ensure your success.

Right at the center of your chest is where your deepest dreams live. Experiences you’re supposed to live and things you’re meant to attract.

But how exactly do you make your dreams come true?

Well, it all starts with being able to let go of the past and the old cycles you’re completing. You can do this easily by completing the spiritual ceremony I discussed in this video.

But then comes the fun part:

I’m going to teach you how to manifest your dreams by using a simple 4-step formula that is guaranteed to work.

And get this: you’re going to learn how to manifest in a completely opposite way than you may have been taught.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

💥 What dreams really are.

💥 The 2 types of dreams and which one you should manifest.

💥 A story about what can happen when the ego takes over your dreams.

💥 The 4-step formula to help you manifest your dreams.

Here’s the audio version of this video:

Once you finish watching the video, let me know in the comments below:

What are your deepest dreams in life?

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  • Hi Christina~

    I always enjoy your videos, but this was just fabulous and resonated with my heart. My male energy has always driven my life and it;s only since I hit 50 y/o that I know being an RN was just the start of my healing journey. I have designed a wound care product that will make a difference for so many people around the world and I am working on licensing it. this has been incredibly difficult, fun, and rewarding as I enter the business world at least to some degree. I’ve always avoided admin like the plague, since my passion was to do the hands-on nurse and the detective, figuring out solutions.
    In the last year, I’ve been working on myself, using tarot and oracle cards to give my”team Universe” a platform to answer my broad questions.

    I’ve been waiting to hear back from a large medical company and my ego is a little impatient , lol. So, I asked my team to show me anything that I can be doing to move forward on my path. I used several decks , but got answers that lead me to just hang on:

    1.Rider tarot: The Chariot, the Magician, and the 7 of pentacles.
    2. Angel answer cards deck: Spiritual growth , Divine guidance
    3. Archangel Gabriel cards: ” Success!” card.

    So, my interpretation is to keep moving toward what I feel I should be doing, which is Spiritual growth + learning about my project/ understanding the business world so I can navigate as needed. The Magician tells me that I have everything I need to manifest, and I’ve got Divine guidance- my team is with me. Whoohoo!
    If you or anyone else sees other meanings, please let me know.
    Thank you for your work. Beth

  • Hi Christiana, I am loving all your guidance I am awaken and on my soul,s path. I am full of gratitude for all you , have been sharing on your own path, I now understand my own soul,s path also my spiritual experiences . I am listening to your videos I am understanding more each session, I am now seeing my own experiences and my own realization, evey session . I would like to ask when do you know your third eye is actived and open , I love you for being able to explain your soul,s path, I now realise my own experiences, also all the changes, I
    have been through all the lesson,s. I am blessed with so much life,s experiences and totally resanated with you , I am working on my own soul, I have also peeled like an oinion, on my own , I truly love being able to share this experience with you. I want you to truly know how much you are helping my heart to open more through your fantastic work with the heart. I believe this is exactly the rite timing I am work7towards my lifes purpose. Thank you ❤🙏

  • Hi, Christina:

    I just got home from work. I saw the link to this in my email. Was cool to hear this audio. I didn’t know there were ego and soul dreams. I thought they were basically the same.

    If me wanting to move out of where I live or having a new girlfriend is ego, how I will I know what my soul wants?

    I meditated earlier today. My body felt light. Does that feeling tie into the soul dream manifestation?

    • Amanda – Team Christina January 9, 2020 at 3:09 am

      Thank you for reaching out. We’ll keep this question as a possibility for a future video on the topic ❤️

  • Simona Teodora Floasiu January 8, 2020 at 4:16 pm

    Dear Christina. I don’t know if I ask my question ib the right pkace, sorry, sometimes technology beats me.
    But I have a question: could be the desaster from Australia connected with the changes mother Earth is doing this year? It is so sad, I can hardly think of it, and others live this… Oh my God! Could we do something for the general good of the planet?

    • Amanda – Team Christina January 9, 2020 at 3:09 am

      Thank you for reaching out. We’ll keep this question as a possibility for a future video on the topic ❤️

  • Wow that is beautifully conveyed, thank you. This is exactly the reason why I am confused and inconsistent as I am dipping between my soul and ego dream. My soul is literally screaming to me and I am in ego saying “how will you survive doing this, you need to be doing that”. Ego is also telling me I am taking risks by not follow the ego dream. I have identified the comfort zone and the fear factor. So wow, thank you for this awareness precious soul.

  • Ariel Matthews May 6, 2021 at 6:54 pm

    I am truly grateful to have you and your advice guidance and understanding . I’m so happy for The understanding that I am not crazy bit I’m awakening.
    I Recently decided not to go back to work after COVID-19 pandemic allowed I was going to go to school and write my book and pass on the message via written word. I’m taking the advice to let go of what I thought my dreams were and what my ego wants for my life, I’m letting go of the preconceived notion‘s of the purpose of my mission and What exactly i thought it was. I receive my messages from spirit, intuitively, the idea that my super huge ego may be in the way of accepting my own truth is The concept I have never acknowledged or even thought to.

    Thank goodness and light, for your divine healing guidance!! Also, thank you Christina for your videos! I wanted you to know, how much you are actually helping people to change their own lives positively!!


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