The 3 Crucial Keys to Help Lightworkers Fulfill Their Life Mission

The 3 Crucial Keys to Help Lightworkers Fulfill Their Life Mission

The 3 Crucial Keys to Help Lightworkers Fulfill Their Life Mission 1920 1080 Christina Lopes

A lightworker is a soul who has volunteered to come to this planet on a “service mission,” meaning that they’ve come to earth to help uplift collective consciousness. Another way of saying this is that a lightworker brings light to the planet, they bring higher levels of light, they bring love.

And the lightworker does this is many different capacities. They can be heavily involved in more spiritual things or be active healers, like me. Or they can be doing things that are not spiritual at all but still help uplift the planet.

A lightworker is programmed to “activate” at some point in their lives, meaning they will awakening from the veil of forgetfulness and remember what they’re here doing and who they are!

The primary mission of the lightworker is to uplift humanity and the planet. And they can do this is many capacities and roles. But the primary lightworker role that I wanna talk about is the healer lightworker, and how they technically do this and what their specific mission is.

In this video, I’m sharing the three keys to fulfilling your life’s mission as a lightworker so you can create immense impact in the world.

Here’s the audio version of this video:


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  • I don’t ever consider the question, “What is my mission?” If there is something that I am supposed to do, to contribute, the Universe will sort that out by giving me the impulse to do or say a particular thing at a particular time. As long as I listen to and follow my heart, whatever needs to get done will get done. I don’t even need to know what that is. I may fulfill a purpose without ever knowing that I did it, and that’s okay. I think life can get confusing to people who define a mission, because our impulses to act are constantly changing. DEfining a mission can CONfine a person’s actions and words and limit the good that we might do elsewhere. Also, I don’t volunteer anywhere. Whenever I have tried to volunteer for some kind of community service, I didn’t feel like my heart was in it. If I ever feel the urge to do that, I will. But what I have found is that I help the individuals around me spontaneously, without a set time, place, and structure. Sometimes I think that if I am off volunteering somewhere, someone close to me might need me, but I won’t be available to them. Volunteering is great; I just don’t want to do it unless I feel called to do so. Instead, I just stay open to opportunities to help and encourage people that God puts in my path.

  • #askchristina Could you please make a video on how to deal with financial issues during your awakening process?

  • Fantastic divine timing Christina! About 2 weeks ago I was wondering if you would some day do a refresher of your old life purpose video which I watched about a year ago the older video is amazing and very to the point but this new one is very 2019 it’s even more detailed an very relevant for me right now. I can see your growth through your videos overtime and it’s so beautiful and inspiring you and your journey bring me happiness and I always feel content after watching your videos your living proof of my life and how I too am growing healing and expanding. With love always Cara 💞

  • I am searching for my life mission but cannot see the way forward. I am getting myself well and strong but cannot see where I’m going.


    • Hey Nicky I feel like when we stop looking for our life mission we relax enough for it to come to us, this is what happened to me once I quieted my mind and stopped pushing, it just come to me in an idea. Also you can look at the hardest things you’ve gone through do you want to help other with any of these in anyway? We can turn our weaknesses into our strengths I just realised recently that all of my family members are doing the thing the feared the most or doing something to help others with things they themselves have been through. When we go through something tough we graduate and are extremely qualified to then work in that field. My sister has always hated being judged by her performance she’s now a singer. My mum has always been a very nervous driver and hates driving at night she’s not very good at it but has recently become a truck driver and alot of truck drivers drive at night. Myself I’ve struggled with anxiety all my life and went through some postpartum stuff I’m doing a course in psychology and I aim to work with mums with babies. My other sister has always hated blood needles and cuts or wounds of any sort she’s now a paramedic! Just to give you an idea 😊 good luck Nicky.

  • Awesome video. I related to all you said. I also shared it Blessings to you and yours!

  • Hi Christina. I want to thank you for this video. It truly changed me. I was undergoing so much of anxiety everyday related to what will I do in the future, which course I should Master in, not feeling satisfied with my internship and studies, so on and so forth. I was continuously searching on the net with ways to serve humanity through my career.
    Finally I came across your video and felt as if Heavens have shown me the path. After listening to the video, I sat down, took a few deep breaths and affirmed to myself that “I am at peace with myself in the present moment”, “I am content in the present moment”. I gave myself love and felt Jesus blessing me with Divine Light, opening my heart.
    And today I was at so much ease in my heart. I could really feel the inner peace, though work is still in progress.

    Thank you so much for this video. It’s a wonderful service you are doing! Bless you!

    From India

  • #askchristina I like the video , it’s not as easy as it looks .
    It’s seem like it would work at the moment and letter everything seems to start over. I find myself trying to solve the same problem why

  • #askchristina
    Hi Christina
    I think I found my life’s mission.
    It’s watching your videos.
    Since watching the first one and it helped me tremendously, I couldn’t stop watching your videos.
    It’s so inspiring.
    I had to consciously stop myself to stop and do something constructive.
    Like, I start preparing dinner.
    Then a thought came.
    I wonder what Christina would say about this and that.
    Next thing. I’m watching your videos.
    Only one, I promise myself.
    Then, after sometime had passed.
    Oh my goodness. Look at the time.
    Binge watching Christina’s videos again.
    I’m certainly following my passions, don’t you think?
    On a serious note.
    Thank you for the light you brought into my life.
    I love your beautiful soul.


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