How Reincarnation Really Works.

How Reincarnation Really Works.

How Reincarnation Really Works. 1920 1080 Christina Lopes

Learn exactly how reincarnation works (step by step) and I’ll also answer the top 2 questions I get asked most about past lives.

There’s a lot of confusion out there about reincarnation and past lives.

And that confusion can keep you from accessing valuable information that can help you in your life today.

You may not realize this but your current life is heavily influenced by your past lives, both positively and negatively.

And the more you learn about how all this works, the more you can use your past life experiences to take you to higher levels of consciousness than ever before (especially during a spiritual awakening).

Here’s what you’ll learn In this video:

💥 The top 2 questions about past lives.
💥 The 2 reasons why we don’t remember past lives.
💥 How reincarnation works, step by step.

Once you finish watching the video, let me know in the comments below:

Let me know what detail surprised you the most about reincarnation?

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With deep love and gratitude;

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I’m a life coach, healer, spiritual teacher, and former clinician. My life’s work is to help you open your incredible heart, heal your past, and live with joy and purpose. Aside from my weekly video content, I also work 1-on-1 with people who need private individual guidance. If this is you, the fastest way to get help is to book a single session with me.


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  • Rhonda G Patterson May 26, 2020 at 7:09 pm

    I wonder if I am a lightworker. If I am I’m kinda new at it and was a little disappointed to here that lightworkers tend to reincarnated pretty quickly. Personally (ego talking here) I would like to hang out in the spiritual realm awhile after this life experience. I’m pooped!😂🥰💖💖💖

  • Thank you so much Christina and team 💞

  • Jennifer Rhodes May 26, 2020 at 7:18 pm

    Hi Christina! Thank you so much for your words & sharing your experience! I love seeing a new video/podcast from you; because I KNOW that if I found it, then there’s a message for me. There always is!!! 🥰

    So THANK YOU again for just being YOU!
    Take care,
    Jen from Antioch, California 💚

  • I must be going through another dark night of the soul, because I know I am a lightworker, but I am really tired of helping people. I have almost wanted to just run away and escape. It has also become quite the effort to stay happy. I am really ready for the the next step, but the next step seems to be stuck in neutral. I have memories of all parts of the reincarnation process without specific memories of a certain lifetime. For whoever is experiencing what I am experiencing, can you maybe do a video on being in a rut. Having all kind of knowledge, but not knowing what to do with it. Maybe I am experiencing all of this negative emotions because of some family drama that keeps repeating itself and I am worn down and ready to just walk away from it all.

    Thanks for all that you do!

    Love and Light,
    Karen Artman

    • Amanda – Team Christina May 28, 2020 at 2:31 am

      Hi Karen – Thank you for your question, we’ll keep it in mind for a future video! In the meantime, you can always schedule a 1:1 session with Christina through this link to connect further on any questions or support you need!

    • Oh wow! Thank you for writing this – it’s very like how I’m experiencing this too! So much I’d like to ask and say, but feel as though as my experience has created an outcome similar to yours, so I can’t! Yet nobody seems to be talking about what’s going on and why, and what to do – or maybe it’s not been observed, because we’re not talking about it!
      Well at least we know there’s 2 of us, likely plenty more!
      I hope Christina picks up on this, because if anyone can help, she can!
      Good luck with the journey friend!

  • Thank you so much. Though I am not new to the past life concept and regression, I looked at it from a distance and with disconnection. Probably there was a fear about safety in exploring them and a question about its necessity. You have given more technical details which makes a lot of sense and helps to accept the process more easily.

  • Thank you Christina for the wonderful insight. I was actually quite surprised by the fact that our souls reincarnate in multiple realities at the same time. I would definitely like to know more about that. How does the concept of heaven and hell works out? Also let me know aren’t the soul contracts absolute? I read it some where that they are. It would be really great if you could shed some light on the concept of pineal gland activation in a video sometime in the future. Love and blessings to you.

  • Hi Christina

    I thank you for all your wisdom, I have been listening to you for a while now and I resonate with everything you say. The video I listen to this morning was on regression well I so feel that the explanation you have given has confirmed my feelings about it.

    Kind Regards Debbie Rann

    sending love and light

    I have been on a self discovery journey for the past five years when I went down into a dark depression and anxiety and all that that comes with it.
    My highest self came through I am now five years sober and very open-minded I would say very spiritual and truly love being one with mother Earth, and consciousness that comes with it truly amazing. So thank you again.

  • Great, Thank you very much.

  • 17 years ago I went through an amazing spiritual awakening for about 8 months and during that time I had access to spirit guides and one of the things I was given by them was that the “white light” that you go through when you die is actually pure love -which I was allowed to experience- it was amazing- anyway, it was my understanding that upon entering the pure love it heals the spirit and also is a kind of forgetting mechanism is this something anyone else has been told via spirit guides?. Since that amazing experience I have lingered in the Dark night and the void; never coming out of the void
    -I don’t want to come back to this low level planet again

  • Thank you for the video. I knew much of this already but it helped to clarify things, and lift the veil just a little more. I still have much work to do here but I am really enjoying it more and more the older I get. I am now 71 and I know I have been preparing for what is yet to come my whole life. It is so exciting to see where it will lead.

  • Thank you, Christina.
    I must say this has been an intriguing journey for me. I would say the part that really caught my attention was the fact that “Your Soul incarnates in multiple realities at the same time”. Looking forward to learning more about this.


  • Light and blessings Christina, i just listened to your part 1 of reincarnation and past Iives, and i have this question: would you please tell me what happens to my soul and to the soul of the new incarnation when a pregnancy termination is experienced for both souls. This is important information for me to know please, as i know personally that my terminating many pregnancies here on earth have been so hurtful and damaging and painful on my soul, and my heart spirit and mind, and i feel like each time it killed a part of myself and my soul and spirit, and has created excruciating irreputable damages and deep sorrow and regrets for me and my life, And i would be so greatful to you if you could inform me of what actually happens to the soul that was trying to reincarnate and got traumatically, and violently, stopped in my womb, and what actually happens to my soul in terminating that soul and baby in my womb. Thank you so much, i look forward to your assistance and information and further healing regarding this profound situation that has permeated and darkshadowed my life and my hearts joy. I so much look forward to hearing back from you, thank you and god bless you, elliea

  • Hi Christina

    This is all very interesting.

    Been thinking about this question for a few days now.

    Do ours souls connect with the same souls over their lifetimes? For example – same families?
    I feel very connected to certain family members than others.
    My grandmother who has passed now
    My great uncle who has passed now.
    I have had dreams about both of them coming and talking to me.
    And my grandfather who is still with us.
    He is my everything.

    I have really learnt a lot from watching your videos in the past few weeks and leaning a lot about my feelings.

    Thank you

    Christina 🍓

  • Ana Lorena Meza Rojas September 24, 2020 at 3:33 am

    Hi Christina…Why can I feel the energy of my loved people 8 days after their death, if soul takes away all the info that is on the body and leaves it empty? The soul or the energy comes back only for says good bye?

    Thanks, Namaste!

  • Question for Christina: Do you have any insight as to why a soul would choose to inhabit a body with future disabilities or disease? Or does it simply choose the family and gender and the rest is up to genetics? I am wondering how Alzheimer’s in particular would be beneficial for any souls journey in a lifetime. Absolutely loved the astonishing wisdom in this video. You are such an amazing wise soul! Love you and bless your heart for following your calling!

  • Very insightful. Thank you very much Christina!
    Very interesting to learn about the whole process.
    My question is:
    Regarding the death process, what about those who died suddenly in accidents? Did they plan for a quick, sudden withdrawal from this life as such? Does the soul decide this kind of ending?


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