Sensitive People: Use This One Strategy To Conquer Harsh Energies!

Sensitive People: Use This One Strategy To Conquer Harsh Energies!

Sensitive People: Use This One Strategy To Conquer Harsh Energies! 1920 1080 Christina Lopes

Learn why these are challenging times for sensitive people and the number one strategy to thrive as a sensitive, even in harsh energies.

It’s so challenging to be a sensitive or empath right now.

Pandemics, economic uncertainty, political turmoil. It feels like the world is going to hell in a handbasket sometimes. And empaths and highly sensitive people (HSP) can really struggle when the energies are this intense.

They may feel tempted to hide from the world or isolate because they feel like they weren’t built for a harsh world.

But that is so far from the truth.

Empaths are powerhouses who can thrive in any energy, as long as they train themselves well.

In this video, you’ll learn exactly why these are challenging times for sensitives, what the biggest issue for sensitives is right now (and it’s not what you think!), then I’ll share my number ONE strategy that you can use to thrive as a sensitive person, even in the middle of these chaotic times.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

💥 Why it’s rough out there for sensitive.

💥 The different types of sensitives (empaths vs HSP vs physical empath)

💥 The biggest issue for sensitive people (you’ll be surprised!)

💥 The most important chakra that sensitives need to work.

💥 The number ONE strategy to help sensitives thrive.

Once you finish watching the video, let me know in the comments below:

Do you feel ready to step into your power as a sensitive?

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With deep love and gratitude;

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  • Christina
    I’m so glad you put out this video because for the week last week or so, this negative energy has been affecting me physically with unexplained ailments. I tried meditation and being by myself and it helps somewhat but I don’t want to isolate. thank you so much for this video now I know how to operate in the in and out technique and expose myself to what will make me stronger. 🙏🕊️🦅💪

  • Thank you so much Christina and team 💞

  • Wow Christina. I´ve been following you for some time now and everything you do is a tremendous inspiration and help to me to navigate from in the world.
    I´m a very sensible person and what you talk about regarding to powerlesness is SO much ringing a bell to me.
    That is MY issue in life and I also found the “cure” to expose myself to the energi and use my personal power to change that energi to something better – I just never thought about that in that way you explain it to us in your wonderfull video.
    This explains SO much of my behavoir – this about me wanting to change the energy – I have to use my power to change the energy otherwise I cant be there at all, because I feel so sensitive. When the energy is good I feel like a lion and if the energy is bad I feel like a mouse.
    I consider myself as an introvert – in the Meyer Briggs personalitytyping im relatet to type INFJ and in the enneagram personalityping i relate to type 4w3 with SX,SO as equally very strong insticts and SP as the blind instinct.
    No matter what – my introvert personality requires a lot of time for my self but after a divorce 1,5 year ago, where I choose to take care of a fosterchild – a 10 year old girl then that was living with us at that time – I find myself some sort of changing my feelings – like now Im affraid to be alone(!) – almost some kind of desperat feeling(!) That is weired because I always thought I was different BUT THIS IS MY INSIGHT FROM WATCHING YOU VIDEO – that the reason for me feeling so different now is because I FEEL MY FOSTERCHILDS FEELINGS!!! – she is feeling SO much abandoned and is feeling all empty inside. She is 11,5 years old now and dont ever speak of this or understand this – BUT I FEEL HER SO MUCH THAT I MIX IT UP, AND BELIEVE THAT HER FEELINGS IS MY OWN FEELINGS!! This suddently make SO much sence to me!! That explains why I feel totally different when she is visiting her mom (not my exwife) every second weekend. It feels like coming out of a prison (!) and I am actually scared of realising this(!)
    This about me “taking over her feelings” is almost unbearable because I feel lost in that sea of sad feelings and I really have to work very hard visualizing and meditating to handle this energy. I have been teaching kids music for 35 years now and needed after my divorce a change in my life and I am by now a certified Mindjuice Coach (lifecoach) and my purpose in life is to to spread love and connection and use my power and insight to help people find their way in life. Nevertheless abandonment is an issue for me to and this feeling relates to my basic fear – it is still very hard for me to “feel my fosterchilds feelings” (like my own issue is doubled or even more) but in reality I am searching for answers so everything is a part of my personal journey in life and I finally will end my long reply by saying that – you are always – and has always been to me – a true inspiration – your videos are very important to me – specially back when I were facing the hardest time around my divorce. I felt that your videos was carying me through a very hard time pointing out to me how to understand myself and how to move forward.
    I cant ever describe how thankfull I am to you. Thank you SO much for YOU Christina. Bless you. 🙂

    • Amanda – Team Christina July 1, 2020 at 8:41 pm

      Thank you so much for sharing, Rasmus! We are thrilled to hear this video resonated so well with you ❤

  • best Christina
    I understand your video. I understand it very well.
    but still in practice. I said to my husband yesterday: if I have to be born again in this world.
    I SAY NO, not for mother nature she is paradise. but for humanity.
    but I’m going to try this, I don’t have much hope or confidence in myself anymore, but I’m going to try.
    in the Netherlands there is little to no information or help to be found, in my opinion they are really underdeveloped here, in my opinion it is a mental disability of the Netherlands.
    I was therefore relieved to find you on the internet. so I’m going to try and try my best.
    wish me luck
    greetings Els

  • Vicky Barndollar July 1, 2020 at 4:39 pm

    Thank you so much for your video. This has helped me to understand everything that I had been going through all these years. Actually I had never even heard of an empath until now, but everything you said is me. I have always been sensitive and even my family and friends would tell me that I’m too sensitive. I had always thought that I was strange and didn’t fit in like I felt I shouldn’t be here. Then not only an empath but being gay , and a moon child, July 13th . I had even gone somewhere and felt and knew that someone had been killed in that area and I felt them reaching out to me to help them, along with the fear etc. sometimes I thought I was going crazy and even prayed to god to take some of it away because I couldn’t handle it. And now with what is going on with the awakening etc I’m just a mess. If you have any other suggestions that could help me I would appreciate it,

  • I very much appreciated this latest video. You have a way of expressing things that really resonates with me. Insightful, with practical tips. This video especially hit me. Emotions and energies have been hitting me like waves the last couple of months. It can be overwhelming. You mentioned a book in one of your earlier videos that really helped me to understand what’s going on. The book was The Stormy Search for The Self. It talked about spiritual emergencies, and I believe that is what I am going through. This awakening has manifested itself in me as physical jumps or tics. They happen daily. They happen when I’m around others, or when I’m in nature, or when I’m just kind of “tuning in” to the universe. They often can bring on deep emotions. Frequently they leave me sobbing. What you said in this video really hit me. I’ve been isolating more and more. Watching Netflix. Drinking. Doing what I can to distract my mind from the energy. I know it’s not helping in the long run, but sometimes I just need to escape. I will try to apply some of the techniques you mentioned. If I look at going out in the world as an exercise instead of a misery, perhaps I will have more optimism in my progress. What you mentioned about the 3rd chakra made sense on a physical level for me as well. I’ve actually had cramps in that area that I’ve messaged out and the messaging of them lead to the unlocking of powerful emotion. It makes me realize there’s a block there. I’ve gone on for a bit. Just wanted to end with a thank you for doing what you do. It’s comforting and reassuring to have someone out there trying to help others the way you are. Namaste…Aho…Many thanks…

    • Amanda – Team Christina July 5, 2020 at 4:47 pm

      Thank you so much for sharing, Kurt! We are so grateful to have you in our community ❤

  • Thank you for sharing this video. It’s a reminder that I didn’t realize I needed until now. I’ve been isolating myself for sure! But I didn’t realize why. It makes perfect sense. My intuition has been nudging me to work on my solar plexus energy but I didn’t really know where to start.

    TMI: I’ve been going through an ugly court battle with my controlling/abusive ex over whether my daughter and I can just relocate (and it’s not even far nor does it even affect his parenting time). I have felt so powerless and so emotional. This was a great reminder that even if the energies are harsh, I need to exercise my solar plexus muscle and NOT isolate myself.

    P.S. Is there a video that addresses the throat chakra?

    Thank you thank you!

  • #askchristina
    I like what you are teaching and I do most, if not all you talk about. Here’s my trouble spot. I am an extreme empath. I can handle all the energies I encounter. However, when my two daughters visit my ex husband and return home after a day or two they bring those energies with them. And those energies are so dark and dense it feels like an attack on my energy system and central nervous system. I end up with tears in my aura among other things. Not fun and I feel and sound like a victim. The problem is I cannot retreat from them because it’s my very home. It builds and builds until I am completely incapacitated. Once they settle into my CNS I’m toast. Often times entities and spirits come as part of the return home gift ( haha) So, how do I work with this? I’m proud of how far I have come but this has eluded me.

    Thank you!

    • Amanda – Team Christina November 19, 2020 at 10:58 pm

      Hi Marguerite! Thank you for your question, we’ll keep it in mind if there is a follow-up video on the topic 😊


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