Feeling Disconnected & Lonely? Here’s What To Do About These Signs Of Spiritual Awakening

Feeling Disconnected & Lonely? Here’s What To Do About These Signs Of Spiritual Awakening

Feeling Disconnected & Lonely? Here’s What To Do About These Signs Of Spiritual Awakening 1920 1080 Christina Lopes

I was sitting on a fluffy red rug in my mezzanine, overlooking the living room of my brand new Washington DC home.

My wife and I had bought the home just months before and everything was shiny and new.

I looked around for a few minutes at all the decorations and detail that had been put into the home. And then this thought popped up:

“This isn’t my home anymore.”

My marriage had just fallen apart and I felt totally disconnected from everything. At that moment, it felt like I had jumped over to a parallel life and didn’t recognize this one anymore.

4 months later, I was on a plane with my 140lbs Great Dane, moving to Portugal and leaving behind the country I had called home since I was 17.

The decision to move after the collapse of my marriage was surprising and intuitive.

I just felt completely disconnected from my old life. And it was frightening at times. I lost wife, house, friends, city, and country. All in a matter of months.

And from all the emails I get, my story isn’t rare.

So many people are going through life changes, where they awaken to something deeper but at the same time, lose so much of their old lives in the process.

If you’re one of those people whose life has changed dramatically and you feel disconnected from the people/places/things around you, this week’s video is for you.

I’m breaking down the process of disconnection, what it is, and why so many of us (especially during a spiritual awakening) go through it.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

1. What disconnection is and why it happens?

2. The 5 characteristics of disconnection so you know how to spot it right away.

3. 4 powerful tips to help you stay grounded and at peace while experiencing disconnection.

Here’s the audio version of this video:

The truth is, disconnection doesn’t have to be as dramatic as mine was. We all disconnect from people, place, or things at some point in our lives.

That friend you used to hang out with all the time and now you’re no longer connected?

The job you outgrew way back when?

The ex-boyfriend you thought you were going to spend the rest of your life with?

These are all examples of disconnection. But here’s the kicker:

When we have a spiritual awakening, we’ll probably experience several quick and dramatic disconnections all at once.

And that’s when the tips and advice I detail in this video will come in handy.


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  • Hi Christina,

    Listen to your video on Feeling disconnected & loney this morning, felt I was guided to it, I feel you re speaking to me directly, every sentence! Then I noticed it was a latest post on 27 Nov 2018. It is appearing to me at the right time! exactly what I am going through right now!
    Thankyou so much for your sharing. Totally understood my ego resisting, but it is really hard when children are involved. I am more afraid to hurt my Husband of 19 years & 2 children. I know awakening is for my highest good, what can I do to make the process less painful for others??


    • Hi Aeriel! Thanks so much for this comment! I’m glad the content has helped! I love your question and will be addressing it in later videos. So stay tuned! Remember to sign-up for my email list so you never miss a video or post. Cheers! 🙂

      • Angela Robinson (Greeson) January 13, 2019 at 6:50 pm

        This video confirms the mysterious plethora of unexplainable events that began to occur in my life in August of 2017 and like you said, all at once. I lost my home, several friends, family members, especially toxic ones, and the relationships with my3 kids all at once with virtually no explanation.
        Over time, in the loneliness, I discovered through various videos that I must be going through an awakening but the disconnection part has never really been explained in the way you described it. I find comfort in your reassurance that there’s a reason for the disconnect beyond my control as well as the reassurance that it will come to an end and my life will be better for it.
        I have fought the disconnect every step of the way with no resolve. I’m learning the hard way to give in to the process. Hearing you say that it does no good to fight it will help me to let go of the urge to engage in the few battles that are still popping up.
        I, like the other lady commenting, struggle where my kids are concerned. My oldest is 25, the middle will be 21 this week and the youngest will be 17 this week. I’ve been completely cut out of their lives for over a year and for no tangeble reason (other then my personal awakening disconnection.)
        I miss my kids so much although I can see where there were aspects of our relationships that were toxic. I’m finding this battle the hardest to give in to and worry I will never see or reconnect with them. I look forward to any insight you may have on dealing with the disconnect when it envolves our children.

        Thank you for sharing your story.

        • Sending you lots of love and light as you navigate this difficult challenge. If your children don’t want to speak to you, it’s hard to force a connection right now, given that they are adults. But things have a way of coming back around, especially when we each do our inner work and promise to heal our own wounds first.

        • Blessvyou on your journeys today and forever more

  • Found your video tonight while wondering if recent lack of motivation was a problem or a blessing. Progressed to your vids on twin flames and wondered why I hadn’t heard this before! I have been telling people I “only do friendship” for years, years, years. My friendships are very deep, however. I suspect I have met more than one twin flame in my life. First one now deceased.

    • The question of whether we have more than one Twin Flame is hotly debated in spiritual circles! Ha! I believe that a true twin is only one but we can totally have other intense connections that sort of mimic the twin flame dynamic.

  • This is the first place I could find to contact you. I Just saw 2 of your videos and I do not know when the last time was that I have been so excited, understood and accepted!!!! The spiritual awakening symptoms are exactly what I have been going through. I cannot thank you enough for posting! Thank you thank you! If there is a private way to contact you, I would be so grateful as to receive the information. I understand that you are busy and I do appreciate your time. Thank you again.

    Sincerest appreciation,

    • Thanks so much Tammy! So glad you resonated with the videos and they’ve helped you along your journey. I don’t give personalized guidance via email. If you need further guidance or coaching, please head over to my coaching page and book a session with me. Thanks!

  • Christina –

    I have been following you and your work for approximately two months. You have helped me immensely.

    I went through a spiritual awakening several years ago. It took me years to feel grounded again. I wish I had found you sooner, however, I now understand what happened to me —I did survive.

    Thank you for your work, honesty and transparency concerning your sexual orientation. For anyone you may lose as a viewer, you likely gain two more!!

    Keep up the good work. It does make a difference!

    Kind Regards,

    Kim Hock

  • Hy there! I just saw the video about disconection and I don’t know if you will see my comment, but it’s ok. What I live for a few years, might have not the mraning of this content. But I want to say something anyway. I feel not well about the changes in my life. I don’t feel fullfilled of my job, but I stayed because I have loans at bank.y kids left home to work in Getmany, we are from Romania. Maybe I am attachef of them and fir the mother role. 🙂 I want to mpove on and be gappy, and still feel I have a purpose. But I rrally feel stuck. And maybe only me must helpyself. I listen
    and see a lot of motivational videos, and still.. I don’t kniw rrally what to do.

  • Dear Christina,
    I found your videos a few months ago when I was going through a very difficult phase. I have felt alone and depressed for quite some time. After listening to you, I realize that I have tried to plug back in but as you know and explained so well, it did not work.
    I still feel that the cocoon phase is still ongoing but try to go with the flow and calm my ego when it starts jumping and screaming that it does not understand where we are going. Frankly, I have no clue as yet but your videos help a lot in keeping faith and maintaining trust in the process.

  • From being spiritually awaken, feelings of disconnect and empath. These videos came to me in the time of needing to hear. I appreciate your words as I feel the emotion behind them. Thank you so much for your videos.

  • Man I need this tonight! I have been dealing with debilitating depression, feeling outside of everyone and very alone. It helps to put a name to it. I’m having difficulty believing it’s going to get better but your words give me hope.

  • Vanmathi Ravikumar March 15, 2020 at 1:47 pm

    Thank you, Christina! Your videos popped up for me seemingly out of nowhere .. it feels like I was led here. This has been so helpful, being able to go through the disconnection that is happening to me right now and not having to freak out or worry or blame myself for everything that is happening around me and to me. Thank you so much.

  • After listening your complete the YouTube video I was really enjoined and disconnected from many things in the life.

    really you explain the very nice and very clear.

    it is eye opening message.

    yes of course we all have to disconnect from the life one day.

    with or without happiness.

    whatever it is but the disconnection is compulsory for all of us.

    especially with the friends with the relatives with the job with the money with all kinds of things whatever we think they are very important.

    in our life. but the spiritual awakening as you said it can happen anytime.

    As you said as a accident also it can happen or when we you are too much I’ll or any problem.

    the way you explained awakening about is really very very good.

    and very very knowledge opening and I really like it.

    God bless you and I would like to see more videos from you.

    in future and you are very very extraordinarily explaining and thank you very much. before I used to see all these beautiful things and messages in spiritualsadhana.com

    but now when I have seen your video here I am really impressed once again thank you very much.

  • Besides the fact that we have Portuguese mutual friends, only today I have found you. Interesting, because I am totally alone with a very tinny contacts since March this year, in the begining I thought I was doing crazy, locked at home because of covid-19, but then I start to enjoy it, I felt it was for my self good. Old friends started to send me messages to meet with me, but I know that I am avoiding, because I am feeling diferent and I dont have nothing to say, the thing that I know is I dont want to receive any interferering from outside to my inside. I dont know what people is thinking about me at this moment, feeling concerned to be alone in the future, but in the same time I really dont care. I my future will stay in my live who have too no matter what.
    Very pleased to meet you.
    PS :eu falo Português, desculpa qualquer erro, ando a praticar o Inglês 🙂

  • I went through disconnection as a small kid, but over 40 years later, I still feel like I’m not connecting, so I don’t know how long temporary is supposed to last, but I still live in a place where nothing means anything.

  • I love your videos 🙂 Been stuck in no man’s land of disconnection for years now… I guess I’m very good at resisting. Wish I found you sooner.


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