Should You Talk About Your Spiritual Awakening Experience with Others?

Should You Talk About Your Spiritual Awakening Experience with Others?

Should You Talk About Your Spiritual Awakening Experience with Others? 1920 1080 Christina Lopes

It can be tempting to tell the whole world about your spiritual awakening when it’s happening. But sometimes, it may be wise to hold off from sharing your spiritual awakening experience with those around you. At least until you answer these 3 key questions first.

I often say that a spiritual awakening is the best thing that could ever happen to you. When we awaken, our entire world changes.

Our entire sense of being changes too. We become new people, with a different outlook and a renewed sense of optimism.

But spiritual awakenings are also messy processes that can be frightening sometimes. And in those moments of vulnerability, it can be tempting to share our spiritual awakening experience with those around us.

However, this may not be wise. At least at first.

Eventually, you’ll have to share your spiritual awakening with others. There’s no way around it. The people in your life will have to know in one way or another that you’re experiencing something life-changing.

In the meantime, it may be wise to keep these experiences to yourself and to seek out community and understanding with those who are also going through or have gone through similar spiritual awakenings.

In this video, I’m going to help you decide when the time is right to share your awakening experience with those around you. I share 3 key questions for you to answer before sharing your experience.

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  • Thank you for your videos so much!
    I moved out from my city because I didn’t feel understood by my old friends, I went for a journey to find kindred spirits and I found them. Now I’m so sure, that I start to share my experiences with old friends as well, but I don’t need them in my life anymore. Because I detached I’m not scared or ashamed and they respond nicely. Not all of them can actually “hear” what I’m saying, I’m not pushing.

  • Many wise and helpful words here in this and other videos, especially if you’re going through this. Much appreciated, it’s hard to back off a bit from family, but necessary sometimes. Nice to hear the words here from someone whose been through things and not just read or heard about them. Blessings are with you and thank you 🙏❤️🙏

  • Thank you so much for this video. It answered a lot of my questions. My spiritual awakening was January 2019 and I didn’t have a clue what was going on or how to proceed. I know I was guided to your videos and they have helped me so much. It’s hard when you want to talk about it to the people closest to you but if you don’t have a clue they sure won’t. It feels pretty lonely sometimes but I can watch one of your videos and know I’m not alone out here. Thank you so much.

  • Hello all!

    Christina as I was listening to you I could absolutely relate to what your are explaining I was even finishing your sentences! I must say, you have demystified and gave me the explanation to what I have been going through and the most terrifying part for me was ( before I found your videos ) was not knowing what was going on.
    Now I clearly know that every moment I live is an exchange with my true source and, oh boy I have been fighting this new way of functioning because I believed toxic people around me who still don’t recognize me anymore and who actually got into my head! Blame is a very powerful feeling.

    I am a powerful prayer, you let me know if your community or you need my assistance via my prayers.

    Miracles do happen !


  • Jesus (Jesse) Romero June 11, 2019 at 3:49 am

    Hello Christina & all!

    Thank you so much for this video. I have to admit prior to find you and your videos, I was that person. One who felt lost, confused, and lonely. And oh boy is lonely an understatement. I seriously thought at one point I was losing my mind. I was fortunate to have found an old high school friend shortly after I started my journey. We had kept in contact for a long time after graduation and then life happened. So I thought! We had always talked about everything, but this was something that I wasn’t sure I could talk to her about. And then Spirit guidance was and the conversation started. It just so happened that she was going through the same thing. I was so excited, to say the least, to have found someone who understood me. I helped her through some hurdles as she did me. I felt truly blessed and knew we were going to get through this together. We are only a phone call away from each other at whatever time of day or night we need to talk. And let me tell you, there have been many a nights that those phone calls have helped us get back on our life’s path. It is an amazing feeling to know that someone else knows and understands what you are going through. Love & light to all!

    Jesse Romero



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