What Are Timelines (Access Your Highest Destiny)?

What Are Timelines (Access Your Highest Destiny)?

What Are Timelines (Access Your Highest Destiny)? 1920 1080 Christina Lopes

Learn what timelines are, how they are crucial in the unfolding of your destiny, and how to access your Higher Timelines today.

I recently did a YT Live Activation to celebrate the Lion’s Gate Portal. In it, I guided people to release their lower timelines and step into their Higher Timelines.

After that Live, I received a ton of messages and comments from participants, who asked:

“What are timelines?”

Many people were unclear on what timelines were and their importance in our lives.

So I shot this video to answer that question and share 4 powerful tips to help you access your HIgher Timelines today.

Once you finish watching the video, let me know in the comments below:

Are you accessing your Higher Timelines right now?

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With deep love and gratitude;

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  • Thank you so much Christina and team 💞
    And the Azores is Breathtaking 😍

  • Zempléni András August 25, 2020 at 6:50 pm

    Dear Christina, I spend quite a lot of time watching your videos. They are fascinating, honest, extremely well-done, and very helpful. Thank you for all your effort! I’m sure they help plenty of people all over the world!

  • Your words are very enlightening & inspirational! And the shores of the Azores behind you are simply breathtaking!

    Thanks for sharing this important and vital message with the world!

  • Hi Christina, this truly resonated for me. Often, especially in 2020, I lose sight of my higher timeline. I love your beautiful Azores and your 4 tips are a strong reminder. Thank you from my heart

  • I have gained SOOOO much in diving into many of your videos! I have found a peace and love for myself I never believed or though existed for me! Your work has put me back in line with my souks mission and I’m forever grateful for your work! Peace and blessings 💕🌏🌍🌎🙏

  • What kinds of things does do the soul plan. As you know I have kidney disease. Does the soul plan difficult experiences like car crashes etc. Or does it plan to do just positive things

  • I was a bit confused but your explanations open up more leeway than I expected. My son is staying with me since lock down because he’s having fits due to his acaholism so even though lock down is over I’ve kept him here because alone he’s constantly making a mess of himself. Sometimes he makes me so angry and I go on a rant and I have to stop myself. I get cross because he makes my home such a mess and I don’t have the energy for cleaning like when I was younger, I’m 69 now. I go into another room my small sacred room and pull myself together then I can talk to him calmer and explain things. I was worried about my time lines with all this. I pull myself backup and then he might do it all again a few days later. I still think I am grateful for all I have received since I started my spiritual path but if I made him go home I would be worried and he would be worse. When he’s sober we talk sensibly and even a little bit about spirituality. I’m hoping I can help him find what makes him do this, sometimes I think I’m getting somewhere. Even though he makes me so angry as long as I stay grateful for my spiritual gifts, I started awakening a year ago, will I still be able to stay on the right time lines. I rarely feel “oh woe is me” but I do wonder if I’m being tested or even that it’s a job I must do to free him from his demons. Am I destroying my timeliness with this. Can you help straighten my thoughts a little, please. 🙏💕🕉️

  • Thank you Christina! Love your contribution to humanity! xoxo

  • Never heard this explained before – it makes so much sense! I can see it in practical terms, looking back through the years of my life. Am excited to use this new tool as I go forward – I think it will help ground me, as well as help me to move forward with more precision. Thank you so much Christina – may you be blessed today in ways that nourish and strengthen YOU! And that is my wish for your team too!

  • I thoroughly enjoyed this video. I liked the 4 points, and plan to follow them and integrate them into my routine
    as much as possible. I have been living too long into my lower timeline/vibration. Now I get the idea of how
    to access my higher vibrational timeline. Thank you Christina (I booked a session w/you on October 15 from 3-4p.m.
    right? it said something about 3-4 A.M.?) Thanks,, Betty

    • Amanda – Team Christina August 31, 2020 at 8:28 pm

      Hi Betty! Thanks for reaching out – the time should be listed in your confirmation email and it should be displayed in your current timezone. If you have additional questions about your session please don’t hesitate to reach out to info@christina-lopes.com !

  • Hello Christina! I’ve seen you are quite a methodological person, and i love that! I really love your “how to” parts in videos, and i think and i believe they can help a whooole lot of people in solving their inner issues, and finding hope in these enduring times!

    But hey, Christina, i have a video suggestion for you!

    I don’t know if this is the right place for it, but since you have a whole team here reading your comments, i believe you may hear what i’m saying here. So i don’t think it is necessary to send a email about this since, it’s quite a simple subject.

    I have a video topic recommendation for you!

    No, TWO!

    The topics are quite “simple” in terminology…

    But they are

    Quuuuuuuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee complex,

    For the sleeping mind xD

    I mean, i saw that you just recently touched a topic called Timelines, and even explained about it to others…

    And i saw that you already have, kind of “prepped” people up to have a more sort of metaphyiscal talk…

    And all this is quite nice, yk?

    But we can go even further! 😀

    We can go and talk about AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING metaphysical topics like,


    QUANTUM LEAPING (into Different Fields of Reality and Stuff)




    I would love to hear more about these topics…

    But hey, actually, i just have one single request for you…

    I mean, i believe this could come to be alot usefull for many, this single topic here i’m requesting, and specially me, becuase i can really use this for a good cause…

    I would like to request, from Christina Lopes, to know more, what is and how it is the Manipulation of Time, and how we can manipulate time ourselves.

    If you where to dedicate yourself one single video on this topic (The rest are of your choice and decision, i’m actually just asking this single little tilly goody video :D) i would request it from the following structure:

    1- Time. What really is time? (Insert brief in-depth explanation here)

    2- How time works, and in what dimension or field of existence it really operates? (if the two following questions get out of context for you, you could stwitch the subject from “TIME” to “FIELD OF OPERATION WHIT TIME” (Wow, that’s EPIC! 🤓)

    3- How does time REALLY intersect whit our reality, from it’s point of origin and,

    4- How we can use, the mechanics of how Time really works… to manipulate the reality of time, and to slow and fasten things up? (you can translate this also to: In what ways we can manipulate time? At your choice.)

    5- Best but not least, in what ways we could utilize the manipulation of time to work more productively, and to fasten experiences and life up (insert reason to fast foward things in life up here lol xD) and, simply give practical examples of how item four works whit something more practical. That’s it.

    I think i made a nice cronogram of video request. din’t I? 😀

    Souuunds niiiiceeeeeeee!!!

    Looking foward for your amazing video 😊

    6- *CAN WE TRAVEL BACKWARDS IN TIME WHIT OUR AMUZING MINDS???* 😀 (insert very brief general explanations of what would happen if we attempted to do so xD (insert total fierce lesson here :3)) [Curiosity question :D]

    Sidenote: Since we are talking about time, i would like to request for, if possible, this video to be released as soon as you are affordable to do. I would like to recieve this video in about a max of one month or two weeks, since i really have things to do here and i fear i’m in a race against time, so i feel like i need to bring “the rules of the game” back to my table… Yk?

    It would really but really be usefull to me if i had a practical safe and secure method to manipulate time, so i could slow things up and work more in these periods of crisis. i believe it would be usefull for me, and others, you know…

    Sidenote 2: You don’t need to tell it was me who gave this video idea into the video i request, i don’t really demand it, and honestly, i don’t really matter myself much whit it. I suggest to go whit the flow and say if your heart says or, idk. You choose. =)


  • Hi!

    Just have to say something here in regard my last comment.

    I believe i will be able to find that video series on another channel, called Elizabeth April, in which i believe you both reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally resonate alot whit! 😁

    I’m going to see those topics discussed in that channel, sorry if i bothered you… 😊


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