What Is God And Could I Possibly Be It?

What Is God And Could I Possibly Be It?

What Is God And Could I Possibly Be It? 1920 1080 Christina Lopes

For thousands of years, we’ve been told that God is a white-bearded man sitting on a throne in Heaven, passing judgment on humans for all their “sins”.

But there’s one problem with this archaic vision of God: it’s not remotely close to the true nature of Source energy.

So what is God? And are we all a part of Source energy or are we Source ourselves?

Most importantly: will our lives change as a result of knowing the truth about Pure Consciousness?

I had a great conversation with a viewer on YouTube about this very topic (he was responding to this video I had posted) and here’s what he had to say:

what is god

Thank you to this viewer for his comment!

I shot this video to clear up the misconceptions and myths around the idea of God.

In this video, I’ll answer the following questions:

1. Who or What is God?
2. Am I really God or is this just a New Age concept?
3. Why does God focus itself into Being?
4. What are the repercussions in my life of knowing the truth about God?


Did this definition of Source energy resonate with you?

Let me know in the comment section below.

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With deep love and gratitude;

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I’m a life coach, healer, spiritual teacher, and former clinician. My life’s work is to help you open your incredible heart and through it, heal from any challenge, find deep purpose, have happy relationships, and live with financial freedom.

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  • Re: We are god ….

    Yes! I am sitting up straight and feeling you, Christina! Not sure the ancient clerics or apostles or popes ever had in mind the disempowerment of the masses with this mass indoctrination of separation, but I can’t help but feel a new and alive sense of me when allowing myself to know this me fully.

    My question to you is about feeling. You mention that we can’t comprehend god intellectually. How about through feeling?


    • Yes! In my experience, when you go beyond thought and into the vast space that is God, you feel an overwhelming sense of unconditional love. This is why so many people who have near death experiences don’t actually want to come back! Because they feel so much love and light on the other side! It takes some convincing to get them back into their bodies. 😉

  • It is empowering to know/believe that my unique life and perspective contributes to the whole. All that it (God) is pure energy so alone cannot experience or reflect? So without “us” expansion would be minimal. What do you think? That is what I’m thinking today, but it could change/expand as I learn and evolve 😊

    • Exactly Mary!!! Isn’t it incredible? That Source actually evolves and learns about itself MORE as a result of each of us being born and seeing the world through our own unique eyes? It’s so miraculous!

  • Very interesting!!! I think that it’s so hard to think of ourselves as God, as you said, because of how the world has viewed Religion for so long… But it does make sense. I was raised as a Mormon in the USA, state of Utah! I think that it will take some effort on my part to totally grasp the concept but Thank you!

    So this could get deep…why does “God” want us to have so many bad experiences or why is there serial killers, so many hungry people, etc.? I know that we have free will and our EGO has a lot to do with this…maybe because of the Yin/yang? If we didn’t have bad then we wouldn’t know good? This almost sounds childish as I’m writing it but there are so many people that believe in the “God” as a holy man figure. I’m going to have to work & meditate on this! LOL!


    • Start to view God not as a father figure that “wants us to have bad experiences”. That’s not what’s happening at all. We all come here by choice and our souls experience an array of things, some of them bad, some of them fantastic, and some of them horrible. But our souls expand and evolve joyfully through it all. No matter what happens to us. And yes, free will has a lot to do with it. How we see the world down here is important. I like to use Nelson Mandela as an example of this. The man spent 27 years of his life in solitary confinement. And when he got out, he could have easily turned his anger on his oppressors and plunged the entire country into a bloody revolution. But he didn’t. He chose to do differently. An incredible man and story that shows that no matter what happens to us, we always have a choice on how we perceive and respond to life. 🙂

  • Yes it did… I am working to open my heart and clear my connection to source so I don’t have the full depth of experience you have. Sounds delightful. But even experiencing source with my present limitations has greatly opened my heart to a much deeper compassion. As I move about in the world I can really put myself into what it’s like for the “other “ because I see myself as part of the other. I am more patient and more conscious of my judgements. It’s a challenging exercise to observe without judgement. I feel a growing sense that’s things are gonna work out and I have more trust and hope for our future. We are all unique expressions but we are united by an shared emotional landscape… we have the same needs, the same feelings, the same hopes as so many others before and after. Every thing is connected and that’s why it’s important to me to try to be an instrument of peace (if I can). I would be interested to learn more on this topic as it is my sense there are a great many layers in the funnel between our earthly world and the spirt world.

    • Yes indeed Andrea, there are a great many layers in the funnel. But every day you’re getting closer to experiencing the fullness of Source, even while here on earth! So proud of you! 🙂


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