Top 10 Most Asked Questions On Twin Flame Love (Part 2)

Top 10 Most Asked Questions On Twin Flame Love (Part 2)

Top 10 Most Asked Questions On Twin Flame Love (Part 2) 1920 1080 Christina Lopes

This post is the 2nd part of a video series I started with my last video. Click here to watch Part 1 first.

In 2011, I stood on a breathtaking balcony overlooking the Northern Atlantic and repeated my marriage vows to the person I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with.

She was my soulmate and I loved her as deeply as my wounded heart could love at that moment.

Little did I know at the time that I was destined to meet another soul years later, who would show me the true depths of what love can look like.

Two years after the collapse of my marriage, there she stood:

My twin flame.

And that was the beginning of an incredible, sometimes difficult, journey.

Twin flame love is unlike anything you’ll ever experience, even if you’ve had soulmates in your life before. The bond is not only unique but also challenging on many levels.

It forces you to face all your beauty…and all your ugliness. But ultimately, what’s left over after the initial “cleansing phase” is a love that moves mountains and uplifts everything it touches.

Over the years, I’ve received hundreds of emails from twin flames who are struggling to understand this special connection. And I started addressing those questions in 3 separate videos (click here, here, and here).

But now I’m going deeper into the twin flame topic by answering the top 10 questions I get asked most about twin flames.

In my last video, I answered questions 1-4:

  1. What the heck are twin flames
  2. Why is this connection so intense?
  3. Why is this connection so hard?
  4. What are the stages of twin flame union?

And today, I finish up this 2-part series, by answering the remaining 6 questions:

5. What’s the purpose of twin flame union?
6. Is this my twin?
7. Are twin flames destined to be together?
8. Can I help my twin flame heal?
9. Tips for keeping the Union strong?
10. What twin flame resources do you recommend?

If you have any questions left over after watching this 2-part series, you can ask them by heading over to this link.


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  • Thank you so much Christina for those videos. They fully describe what I’ve been going through for 3 years. I met him and was so much astonished that I investigated, as I didn’t know that could exist.The same profession, the same studies, the same end-of-studies report on a very specific and unusual topic, the same trauma, and amazing synchronicities. I’ve tried to break the bond several times, but it holds, whatever happens. This is a long road, he’s very secretive so I’ve chosen to remain distant. I’m a healer and he has asked me to work on him. However, as you rightly say, if can’t wait for him for ages and I’m dealing with my own issues; working on me, wishing him the very best, whatever happens, so thank you so much for echoing my decision and explaining it so clearly. I hope there’s light on this path… for the time being, I’m still walking on a foggy road…. even though I dedicate my efforts to others who need the little help I can provide.

    I’m asking you questions in the relevant caption.

    With my deep gratitude,


    • You’re very welcome Patricia! Glad these videos helped. Stay strong and may you continue walking your journey with peace and joy. 🙂

  • Hi Christina,

    great videos! All this is pretty new to me. I was raised pretty conservative Christian and even attended Christian college, so even though I haven’t considered myself religious now for many years, at first the twin flame stuff sounded pretty far fetched. Then I met someone, another empath (something I was unaware of about myself until about 3 years ago), and it was like being home, like meeting a long lost family member I’d forgotten about. There were so many coincidences and similarities, and I felt a connection from the first post I read of hers. Long story short, she misread some things about me (that I just wanted to carry someone and be a caregiver, and she wanted me to know how strong and independent she is – when actually I recognized that and feel the same in reverse, and don’t want to have to carry a partner for a change), but she was also on a break with someone. She had said she felt exactly the same as I did, at first, but then later decided she wanted to pursue things with the other guy. We’ve never met in person, she lives several hundred miles away. We’re still friends but of course I understand that I need to respect her decision. She is, in practically every way, everything I’d ever hoped for and things I never imagined, in a partner. I don’t know if she got scared, or if the “mutual” feeling she also described was imagined, or if I just need to be patient. But I’ve never felt so strongly about someone, or as quickly, it’s like she is the puzzle piece I was looking for all my life, I knew it when I found her.

    I guess my questions are: 1) we’ve never met, I am not sure how to ask to meet because I’d have to drive 14 hours and she’s getting back together with the other guy, is it impossible for either of us to know without meeting? I could even move there but that’s a huge step on something I really don’t even understand – this whole twin flame thing, and have no indication anything will come of it. But if I believed there was a chance, I’d move there in a heartbeat. 2) is it possible for one to know and the other to have no idea, and we still be twin flames?

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  • June 14, 2019 at 3:13 am

    This is my first time pay a quick visit at here and i am genuinely impressed to read everthing at
    one place.

  • #askchristina

    Hey Christina! Thank you so much for going so in-depth with your responses to all the twin flame questions, it’s been very helpful for me to get an understanding of my situation. However there was one question that is still on my mind. I’ll start with explaining our situation before I get to the question.

    I’ve known my twin flame since I was 15, and I’m now 27. Over the years we’ve kept a strong connection with eachother, even with her moving a couple hours away. We’ve had somewhat of an on again/ off again romantic connection over the years. But we’ve never really had anything official. We’ve even both had dreams about eachother on the same night and in general appear in eachother’s dreams quite often. However, she has serious relationship anxiety and is afraid of making things official, not just with me, but anyone she has dated over the years. I didn’t fully realize this until just recently.

    In the past, I’ve done many romantic gestures to show her what she means to me, but they always seemed to backfire and scare her away. Years ago, I wrote her a song and was going to show it to her on Valentines day, but she ghosted me. I bought us concert tickets to see one of our favourite artists, and she cancelled on me last minute. She often makes last minute excuses to cancel us seeing eachother, and I think it’s because she is afraid of the potential intensity of us being together. But lately, she has been opening up to things a lot more and sending me signals. She even has told me she thinks we are twin flames, which means a lot to me.

    With all that being said, my question. I made the mistake of coming on too strong in the past. And I don’t want to assume that she is fully healed yet and completely free of anxiety. I want to tell her what is in my heart, but I’m afraid she will run away again like she has in the past. How do I know what things I should say, and what I should keep to myself? I want to stay calm and collected, and don’t want to scare her by opening up the floodgates. How do I find the balance of showing her I care, without seeming too attached? I worry about being too cautious, and I worry about being too reckless. But now seems like a better time than ever for us, as her heart seems more open than it has been.

    Thank you for reading, I hope I can hear from you soon.

    • Amanda – Team Christina January 2, 2020 at 8:42 pm

      Thank you for reaching out. We’ll keep this question as a possibility for a future video on the topic ❤️

  • #AskChristina ,

    hello , your videos are the best I have ever seen ,you covered this topic so well mam . the question I wanted to ask has been mentioned no where , maybe that has never happened with anyone yet . but what if your twin flame is actually your relative? what if you both are from the same family? I know this sounds problematic but I want to heal myself ,my life purpose is to let go and Surender to the present moment but this is making it hard for me and I am confused. I am ready to heal myself and I need some insight on this topic.

  • #askchristina

    Hi Christina,

    Thank you so much for all videos and advices, I really resonate with your challenging energy. I Love the drive!
    My question: My Twinflame is my Husband’s brother. My husband is an Amazing loving and supportive Soulmate and Kind of spiritual guide for me. I am from different background, culture, religion. I left everything not for him but cos I felt it deep inside. I adapted well with all what belongs to it. This step is done. I feel my husband is helping me to bring me closer to my tf even he has no idea about it. He knows about the special bond between us, mirroring and having fights with each other and be exactly the same. He is ok with all. He doesn’t jealous. We all 3 are very high spiritually. I am doing well just recently. 😄

    2,5 years we had Very hard times and fights all the time with tf. Of course in the beginning it was as you Described, amaziiiing, But he lives in another country, So we saw each other 2x and it was so strong pull.. but we did very little physically cos we don’t want to cheat… It was very hard to handle, the sexual energy is so strong that numbs your brain. Even we had fights, we never stopped talking for more than 1 week, somehow we always came back together and tried it over again. We both died in this process, even he looked like a ghost, he stopped eating it was terrible. Eventually I gave up, I had no more power and then….
    3 months ago I found out Tf video and got so many info, I spoke to my tf and he totally agreed on our connection and purpose. All was just making sense, We want to be together and we plan spontaneously our future.
    Now we had a little argument after 3 months beautiful understanding, but not fight at all like before, but we are again separated. Maybe again for 1 week..
    The question is: What is better for us to come closer to Union – stay in loving contact and support each other, sometimes fight and realize the mirroring, not pointing on each other and know our wounds, heal it together.
    Or – be not in contact At all and somehow learn to live our lives happily separated (see each other during family calling and acting like everything is ok) To learn be totally independent and not attached to each other.

    I think I can quite easily contact with him spiritually and I talk to him daily while meditating. So I don’t really feel separation. I saw 3 stages of your souls. 1. Connected till belly, 2. Connected till shoulders, 3. Connected Fully and our souls dancing in spiral movement. I have no clue if this is only my imagination or I can really see those things.

    Question 2: I am sorry if it’s too much but I didn’t really find many answer on this topic.
    Is it possible that I feel my twin comes to me and wants to make love to me? Is it happening in soul level or you can feel it like in this reality? Cos I feel it like he is here, I felt him. We both had dreams where we made love and it was so real like it was really happening. Is it him thinking about it? Or is it his higher self?

    Thank you soooo much and have a beautiful Day 💖

  • Thank you so much for your videos. If a twin flame doesn’t realize that he is my twin flame, can I tell him the terminology to stop/help his endless doubting of his self-value? He’s a lot younger than me and our social statuses differ greatly and he’s suffering so much trying to figure out why the heck I was in his life. He was even doubting if he couldn’t cut off his old bad habit and if he was using me for pleasure- which I’ve been enlightened earlier as a light worker, half-intentionally and half-consciously took photos of him and us together and we both were able to totally see how his face grew more positive and mature. He still doesn’t understand how his life was able to change immensely positively and become a totally different person during such a short period of time. Can I help him by giving him this keyword that helped me, the two words, “twin flame”? #askchristina

  • Hello Christina,
    Any knowledge of twin flames having kids? I was in separation with my DM for 2 years. 5 months after starting my twin flame channel he comes back and admits he loves me. He was aware of my YouTube channel and I think as much healing as it offered me, it gave him insight to this connection. I am now pregnant with his child. He is back to running. The journey was difficult enough for just me but now with the child my whole family is involved. A normal societal relationship is completely different than a twin flame relationship and with that being said I’m being triggered a lot by my family. Lastly, he had a vasectomy and I should have had a surgery on my hernia which would have prevented me from being pregnant right now.

    Thank you so much for your time and energy. I have found your videos to be most helpful out of all of them on YouTube.

    • Amanda – Team Christina June 3, 2021 at 9:04 pm

      Hi Kelly! Thank you for telling us a bit about your journey. Christina does read each of her messages but is unable to respond with individual guidance here in the comments. We encourage you to take advantage of all the Free Resources Christina offers! However, the best way to work with her directly is through her annual Heart Alchemy course!

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