Twin Flames Part I: What Are They?

Twin Flames Part I: What Are They?

Twin Flames Part I: What Are They? 1920 1080 Christina Lopes

We all know what a soulmate is but what about a “twin flame”?

In this weekly video, I compare the soulmate and twin flame connections and share some general characteristics of the twin flame relationship to help you spot your flame, when he/she enters your life.

For Part II “How To Live This Beautiful Connection”, click here.

For Part III, “Attachment, Separation, & Union”, click here.


Have you met your Twin Flame? Or are you in an intense soul connection right now?

Let me know in the comment section below.

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  • Last night i was pondering about a relationship I’m in and weather i should walk away from it completely. We did the conventional boyfriend/girlfriend coupling in the beginning but there are times we need our own soul breaks from each other for work on ourselves. i was having a hard time though because seeing how much good and growth came from being together i was also juding it as its potential for us to be soul mates. How could we have brought so much to eachother and not be together in this way? Ah, i got it! If we are not soul mates it does not lessen the value of being brought together. It is a special union, but not a conventional one. I feel much more relaxed already.

  • Dear Christina,
    I have watched your videos on twin flames a few times. I think that as I progress on this journey I understand what you say more and more. Your explanation of this intense experience is the best I have heard. Especially the part about reaching non-attachment, I think this is the key to understanding and getting a handle on the connection. This week I had an opportunity to follow your advice and tell the man I recognize as my twin that he is free and that I want him to be happy with or without me in his life. It was amazing… it cleared all the baggage between us and freed both of us. Thank you Christina, you are wonderful. Love, Noah.


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