How to Manage Your Changing Relationships

How to Manage Your Changing Relationships

How to Manage Your Changing Relationships 1920 1080 Christina Lopes

“Why are my relationships changing so much?”

As the energy on the planet shifts, it is rocking our relationships with family, friends, and even co-workers.

Some people feel like they suddenly don’t belong in a particular group, while others are seeing relationships crumble out of nowhere.

And why is this all occurring?

In this weekly video, Christina answers these questions and shares a skill that is essential to master in these times of great change.


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  • I really needed to hear this right now. In 2015 I decided to go no-contact with a family member. It was a really hard desicion to make, and I questioned my desicion deilig. A year ago, I knew that I had done the right thing, after talking to this person on the phone. I knew that I had to stay away from such negative energies. A few months ago, when my awakening started, I again started to question my desicion. Because was I not supposed to include everything and everyone in my life now? I wanted to be a better person, so who was I to exclude people from my life? Should’t I love everyone?

    A few days ago, I asked Source what to do with this, because I had no idea how to deal with the emotions on this issue. I got the answer today, in this video.

    Thank you so much, Christina. You’re a great teacher.

    Jane <3


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