How To Control Your Emotions BEFORE They Destroy Your Life

How To Control Your Emotions BEFORE They Destroy Your Life

How To Control Your Emotions BEFORE They Destroy Your Life 1920 1080 Christina Lopes

Remember that time you reacted angrily against a loved one and ended up saying some really hurtful things?

You weren’t thinking straight and sh*t came out of your mouth faster than the speed of light. You just didn’t know how to control your emotions at that very moment.

You tried to patch things up by saying “sorry” but the damage was already done. The relationship was never quite the same after that.

How to control your emotions

Boy, do I know how you feel.

We’ve ALL been there: emotionally immature and unable to think before we speak. And emotional immaturity can have horrible repercussions in our lives, relationships, and careers.

Here’s the honest truth that so many of us ignore:

The vast majority of adults on this planet are emotionally immature.

I was 35 freakin years old before I began to understand that my emotional reactions were hurtful to myself and others. And it took me years– and a lot of trial and error– before I could call myself an “emotional adult”.

Hell, I still struggle to manage some emotions today!

So if you’re on the same boat– struggling to control your emotions– this week’s video is for you.

There’s lots of advice and content out there about emotional control but it’s usually focused on the psychology of emotional control. But in this video, I go much deeper than psychology, bringing you a spiritual perspective on emotions that can help you gain emotional maturity more quickly.

Here’s what we cover in this video:

1. What does “emotional control” mean?

2. The spiritual perspective on emotions and how to work with them.

3. The 3 levels of emotional maturity so you can know right away which level you’re at.

4. Three simple tips to help you get from the lowest level of emotional maturity to the highest.

Here’s the audio version of this video:

This video will help you reach high levels of emotional maturity and in the process, live a more peaceful and joyful life.

When you reach a state of emotional mastery, your life and relationships all change for the better.


Which one of these tips will you implement today to increase emotional maturity?

Let me know in the comment section below.

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With deep love and gratitude;

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how to control your emotions


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