Things Are About To Get Interesting! Lion’s Gate Portal 8/8!

Things Are About To Get Interesting! Lion’s Gate Portal 8/8!

Things Are About To Get Interesting! Lion’s Gate Portal 8/8! 1920 1080 Christina Lopes

Learn what the dominant theme is for Lion’s Gate Portal 2020.

Lion’s Gate Portal is an astrological phenomenon that happens every year on August 8th (8/8).

It’s marked by a substantial increase in Light activation on the planet, through the alignment with the superstar Sirius (20x stronger than our Sun).

And this year, the Lion’s Gate Portal is taking on extra importance, given everything that has happened in 2020 so far.

Learn more about what this Lion’s Gate Portal is doing and what the main theme for this year is.

Once you finish watching the video, let me know in the comments below:

Are you feeling the energy of this Lion’s Gate?

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  • I’ve just discovered you and finding this very timely. The lions gate? I feel more calm than usual. A deep drive to unapologetically meditate. Not always easy with 3 young children 4,6 and 10. My husband is not on board. I struggle with this.
    2:30am my 10yr old has just called me frightened have to go. Her and I are doing so much healing. Its amazing.

  • Found secret place a tiny cove on the lake. Meditated there five feet from mother and five ducklings within fifteen minutes mother trusted me to bath and feed with the little ones. Voice said trust yourself like nature trusts you.I sat nurturing the creatures in the left side of my body while the right protected the space

  • So glad I found you. I knew I was on the right track but you fine tune it for me! Thank you. Love your beautiful soul!!

  • Thankyou for your beautiful energy,you are such a special woman.your guidance is much light and happy bubbles 💞 Amanda

  • thanks, what a coincidence. I have goosebumps everywhere
    I happened to paint a lion with gold in its mane 2 weeks ago
    a friend dreamed of a lion, and I see them everywhere
    my heart beats with anticipation for what is to come
    last week i did innerchild healing, i am not there yet but you helped me so much
    I want to thank you for that. your videos arrive exactly on time

  • Blessed to be in deep resonance with your message. My shadow work has been powerful and healing this year.
    I have awakened and have begun experiencing more 5D. It’s so new that I’m still strengthening my ability to stay out of 3D and your validation is welcoming!

    One of the biggest gifts of all the work I have done is learning more about my date of birth… 8/8

    Looking forward to this Saturday’s activation.

    Peace and Blessings sister

  • #askchristina Wow. I am looking so forward to this. This last week has been the start of a new journey for me. Something major was showen to me recently juring meditation… It was me.. My inner child that has been buried so so deep with in me i didnt think he would be found again in this lifetime. A beautiful little boy with such a big heart. but so badly tormented and traumatized. Its been heart breaking and emotional but at the same time like ive been born again. Let the friggin healing begin!!! I just know this has held be back all my life. Ive just never known how to approach it or where to start. My guides i have also only recently got in touch with gave it to me on a silver platter. I am gratitude right now. Thanks again Christina for your amazin wisdom and insight into Awakening. So glad i found you when i did. Mich love. See you on Saturday 😊

  • Thank you so much Christina and team 💞

  • Yes, I’m feeling the energy!!

  • I’m in a big change in my life
    tof year repearing other soul in need
    and forgetting about mine…but
    it has been usefulled and no regrets
    for the first time ,this year,
    i found guidance(finally) whit all that
    knowledge of Christina,thanks Amanda to
    be there too….i’m like a sponge…
    whant to know…i would like to be part
    of the event Saturday !!
    Thanks to be there !

  • Super excited for Saturday! I will be connecting from JHB ,South Africa. Such an amazing feeling about this. The meditations/ videos have been so invaluable to me. I am truly grateful/blessed to discover these treasured resources and Christina’s guidance in understanding and embracing my spiritual journey. There are so many different resources/ideas out there- its overwhelming but with the heart alchemist her approach and content is such a natural, heartwarming adventure which speaks so well to the heart and soul. Thank you Christina and your awesome team, much love & light xxx Sandhya

  • Hello. Love your energy! I recently had an astral projection were my spirit guide showed me this Greek looking city with huge bridges. Almost looked like the one in Paris. Does this have anything to do with lions gate?
    Felt like this place was important in some way


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