Top 3 Limiting Beliefs And How To Change Them

Top 3 Limiting Beliefs And How To Change Them

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I’m always working hard to understand how I can better serve you.

I want to know what you really need and hope for your life.

I can’t assist you in living a delicious life if I don’t know what keeps you up at night. I can’t help you connect to your powerful heart (why I call myself “The Heart Alchemist”) if I don’t know what your heart longs for.

So I started doing some simple market research.

I sent out surveys with very personal questions about relationships, dreams, goals, fears, and challenges. And then I personally interviewed 15 women from all over the world.

After reviewing hours of interview notes and studying dozens of surveys, I found something pretty striking:

We all share essentially the same fears, longings, and limiting beliefs.

What’s remarkable is that I found this to be true across all cultures, countries, and backgrounds.

And all these diverse women shared the same 3 limiting beliefs. All of them.

What are these beliefs and do you share them too? That’s what I get into in this video.

I share these top limiting beliefs and most importantly:

Teach you how to release them.

Here’s the truth Beautiful Heart: you’re a Lightworker, a powerful spiritual being.

But you can’t step into your powerful shoes until you let go of all the baggage that has weighed you down in life. All the lies that your unconscious mind tells you…they gotta go.

Otherwise, you’ll just keep creating your life based on those unconscious thoughts and energies. And you have better things to do, don’t you? 😉


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Limiting Beliefs


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