Choosing The Right Animal Protein For Your Health

Choosing The Right Animal Protein For Your Health

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I used to love hamburgers, filet mignon, and pretty much any meat.

Then, in 2014, as I was going into my second year of solitude and deep meditation training, something really odd happened.

I went into my local grocery store and headed to the butcher’s section, standing in line behind a few other people who were waiting to pick out some cuts of meat.

As I stood there, I looked over at the glass section where all the meat and poultry was displayed and at that moment, a nauseating feeling took over my body.

I thought I was going to throw up in the middle of the store. The thought of consuming meat made my body very sick at that moment. I knew something was changing in my diet.

That was how I stopped eating meat.

4 years later, I’m a semi-vegetarian who gets asked this question a lot:

“Should I be eating animals and if so, which ones are safe?”

And that’s exactly what I answer in this video.

What animal flesh should you stay away from?

Which animal protein is safe and healthy for the body to consume?

What should we be contemplating before we buy our animal proteins?

Check out the video to find out the answers to these questions and more.

I share 3 simple recommendations to help you achieve a higher level of well-being by eating the right foods for your body and for the sustainability of our beautiful planet.


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The Right Animal Protein


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