How To Eat To Accelerate Your Personal Development

How To Eat To Accelerate Your Personal Development

How To Eat To Accelerate Your Personal Development 1920 1080 Christina Lopes

Picture this:

You’re sitting in meditation, trying to quiet your mind from the endless mental chatter. But no matter how hard you try to relax, to focus on your breath and remain centered, your body won’t cooperate.

Your heart is racing and feeling a little anxious. Your stomach is growling and you feel like you could eat a whole box of donuts if they were next to you.

Welcome to the land of what I call unstable biology.

Here’s the honest truth: it doesn’t matter how many self-help books we read or how much we go down the personal development road, if we don’t focus on some basics, we can’t reach a state of peace and centeredness in life.

And what are these basics?

One of them is food.

The food you fuel your body with can either make you thrive or make you sick. Plain and simple.

You can’t put diesel in a Ferrari that runs on unleaded premium gasoline and expect the car to go very far.

Your body is a Ferrari in a sense. It’s an incredible machine that takes you through life and allows you to live your purpose, your dreams.

Without a body you’ve got nothing.

And without a properly balanced body, it becomes harder to be at peace, calm, centered, joyful.

So what should we be eating for our personal development? What “fuel” should we put in our bodies so they run like Ferraris?

Is there such a thing as a “Spiritual Diet”?

That’s exactly what I talk about in this video, where I share some simple tips to get you eating foods that will help you achieve total well-being.

With so many “diets” out there, it’s becoming harder to pinpoint what’s good to eat and what’s not.

So I made a point of offering really simple advice in the video– changes you can start implementing today to quickly feel centered, calm, and ready to face the world.

Here’s the audio version, if you prefer a podcast:


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